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Saya from Blood PlusBlood+ (pronounces as Blood Plus) is a franchise based on 2000 animated film, Blood: The Last Vampire produced by Production I.G and Sony's anime production arm, Aniplex. Blood+ is the story of Chiropterans (the name of the order of biological classification that bats are in, this is the most likely reason for the vampiric creatures being called "Chiropterans" ) and Chevaliers (a vampire like creature) on how they inhabit the earth and their motives of living.

It all begun so many years ago when Joel Goldsmith set up the “Zoo” near Bordeaux, France and presumably begins “Joel's Diary”. The mummy of unknown life-form named SAYA is transferred to the Zoo and is later identified as Chiropterans. Extracted from its pregnant belly are two cocoons, which react to drops of human blood. Extracted from the cocoons are two children that are human in appearance, the one is named Saya and raised as a normal human in the Zoo, and the other remains unnamed, is locked up in a tower, and is used by Joel for experimentation purposes. Experimentation on that unknown child presumably continues, with Amshel, a member of a branch family, acting as an aid to Joel. Saya ceases aging and Joel becomes aware of the special properties of her blood. A 12 year old boy named Haji is introduced to Saya to investigate her reproductive potential. Saya, upon discovery of the unknown child in the tower in 1863 she named it Diva because of its brilliant voice. She told Saya that she wants to go out of that tower, so Saya promised her that she will find a way to let her out. At Joel birthday, Saya releases Diva from the tower to sing at the birthday party. And along with Haji, they go to the cliff to find flower for Joel but unfortunately Haji falls into the cliff. Saya turn him into a Chevalier via a mouth-to-mouth transfusion of her blood in order him to survive.

Saya and Haji from Blood Plus

At the mansion Diva killed Joel and the rest of the people there. When Saya and Haji go back the mansion was burned. The descendant of Joel founded the Red Shield to pursue Diva. Saya suddenly enters 30 year period of hibernation as well as Diva. When Saya and Diva awaken, Diva got many Chevalier in different country while Saya and Haji pursue Chiropterans in Russia. Having awakened some unknown time beforehand, Saya hunts several Chiroptera at Yokota Air Force (the events of Blood: The Last Vampire). Several months later, the Vietnam War begins. Saya enters third sleep soon afterwards.

Chiroptera sightings in Vietnam confirmed. The Red Shield injects Haji's blood into a hibernating Saya to cause an artificially induced awakening, resulting in her going berserk, killing Chiroptera and humans alike. Saya cuts off arms of both Haji and Carl (Diva's Chevalier). The dying original David entrusts Saya (in her fourth sleep) to George Miyagusuku. Haji, displeased by the incident, distances himself from Red Shield. Red Shield is unable to establish his whereabouts, but there are sightings of him in Hong Kong.

George adopts Kai and Riku whose parents died in traffic accident. Saya awakens in her fourth sleep in Okinawa. She was adopted by George, under the adoptive family she was given a named Saya Otonashi and has been living the life as an ordinary schoolgirl. She lost all her memories and totally forgets the past. She was under the surveillance of (the 2nd) David with the agreement that once she remember her past she will go with the Red Shield. It is an organization formed to combat the Chiroptera. The Red Shield was founded by the descendants of Joel Goldschmidt, Joel (6th). Most Red Shield members are culled from survivors of Chiroptera attacks, and all possess a trinket with an embedded Chiropteran crystal. The Red Shield's greatest enemy is Diva, and her Chevaliers. Red Shield is responsible for Saya's protection and well-being, using her as a weapon against the Chiroptera. Saya’s happy life is shattered when she is attacked by a chiroteran, and learns that she is the only one who can defeat them. George Miyagusuku becomes a Chiropteran and Saya was forced to kill him. Armed with her sword, Saya embarks on a journey with her family, allies and faithful servant, Haji, to rid the world of Chiropterans and rediscover her identity and Diva awakens soon after.

Saya and Haji from Blood Plus

Diva and Carl launched an attack on the Red Shield Headquarters and Diva killed Riku amidst the assault but not before forcing him to impregnate her. Carl's projectile spikes impale Joel in the spine and he was confined to a wheelchair thereafter. The Red Shield's command ship was forced to self-destruct in an attempt to take down Diva. Carl disobeys Diva because he can't resist his desire to fight Saya, but ends up losing his life and Amshel ordered Solomon not to save him. Solomon betrays Diva because he falls in love with Saya. In New York City, Diva and Amshel are finally killed. Haji goes missing, they are unable to confirm if he died or not, Kai and Saya return to Okinawa along with everyone else. She then falls into her fifth deep sleep. Kai carries her into his family's grave, where George had once shown Saya her cocoon she had slept in. Kai visits his family's grave where Saya sleeps. He takes his adopted children (Diva's twin daughters) and they both see the rose Haji has left for Saya.

Blood+ AMV - Bring Me to Life

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